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The end: Every year a number of children are born with one or more heart conditions and because of this they go through the mind experiment you just did...only for them it's reality. They are deprived of and have to fight an essential part of childhood namely their instincts to play and move - something most of us take for granted or even forget to value. Well today I ask you to help me help them by donating whatever amount you have to spare! The money raised through this donation will help fund future research done by the Children's Heart Foundation into helping kids with birth defects in regards of the heart to live free and playfull lifes. No donation is to small. What follows is my rational for doing this fundraiser, partaking in the "Run for the Heart" trail race and the mind experiment mentioned above.

I believe (& know) we are all born with a natural excitement for movement and exploring the world that sorrounds us. I know this because I was once a child myself and in some ways I still am and also because Mother Nature reminds me every day in the animal kingdom as well as our own at times not so natural human setting.

Children human or otherwise learn of the world and themselfs by continuously playing in and with their environment - it may seem like random movements and actions but is in fact one of the most important evolutionary traits of survival we carry - our instinct to move. Through play we develop the skills necessary for survival and construct our understanding/image of self and of the world. We also learn of meaningful social ties, community values and create strong friendships because we often play with others.

This is probably not news to you - but how often do you think about the value of play and have you ever speculated about who you would be if you had not been able to play all those years ago? If never - please (take the time) to imagine this scenario now: you are 6-8 years old, it's the lunchbreak in kindergarten, it's a summer day and everybody are outside in the yard/on the football field/on the basket court (or whatever facilities your school had). You're sitting on a bench with a group of classmates enjoying the last part of the sandwich your mom or dad prepared just this morning. Someone in the group comes up with the idea of a friendly match of whatever sport you were most into in your childhood, everbody is in and quite fast the excitement builds up in the group - time to have some fun!!! (take the time to feel and focus on that excitement in your chest)

Now imagine remembering the voice of your mom or dad: "Sweetie I know it's hard but you have to always remember that you have a heart condition. You have to promise me you won't do any sports or other activities that may raise your heart rate to much because...I love you so much and I don't want to lose you."

I don't know exactly what you're feel right at this moment but I'm sure you would do something to try to help that kid...and today you can - no amount is to small!

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